Car Alternator & Dynamo Repair Services

Stuck with a dead car? Seek help from our seasoned auto electricians who specialize in resolving alternators/starters, car dynamo, and car ignition problems.

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Car Alternator and Car Coil Repair in Dubai

Is your car alternator or car coil giving you trouble? Contact VFix right away! We provide fastest services for alternator repair in Dubai.

You need to sign up for alternator replacement service in Dubai if your vehicle is suffering from:

  • Vehicle starting problems
  • A bad battery
  • Frequent stalling

An alternator fulfils all the electrical requirements of a vehicle while it is in operation and also keeps the battery charged. The signs of a damaged alternator include a very slow, irritable sound when the vehicle is mobile, the vehicle’s charge light remains on continuously. A stopped or a dead engine, and slowed movements of vehicle’s lights, wipers, etc., are also signs of concern you need to tend to.

Alternator & Car Dynamo Repair in Dubai FAQ

Opting for alternator repair and inspection in Dubai is good news for your vehicle. It provides instant starting of the engine, improves car battery performance and longevity, and complete absence of cranky and irritating noises in the vehicle.

We dispatch one of our technicians to your given location and he will inspect the alternator mounting bracket and hardware. Post-check-up, he will install a new alternator and its belt, and complete the job after inspecting the alternator’s proper alignment and tension, and doing a test-run. If the problem is severe, they will town your vehicle to our service center and do the needful.

If you are having issues with your alternator then look no further, visit our service center in Al Quoz, Dubai where we provide complete servicing and electrical checkup that helps us to determine the health of your car alternator, starter and battery.

Bad alternator symptoms include:

  • Dull or overly bright headlights
  • Dead Battery
  • Trouble in starting and frequent stalling
  • A growling noise
  • The typical smell of burning wires or burning rubbers
  • Battery alert light on the dash

We always stock our service center with original and best quality after-market alternators to provide our customers a variety of options to select from.Contact us for car alternator price in Dubai. We supply alternators for:

  • Diesel vehicles
  • Farm vehicles
  • Heavy equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Marine vehicles
  • Motorcycles

As the ignition coil is directly related with the start of the engine, any fault with coil will result in the performance issues of the engine and will bring the vehicle to a halt. The engine can be affected in the following ways:

  • Car Backfiring (emission of black smoke through the exhaust pipe)
  • Poor Fuel Economy (is caused by low spark energy)
  • Engine Misfiring (produces coughing/ sputtering noises)
  • Vehicle Stalling
  • Lack of sufficient charge in spark plugs
  • As the faulty ignition coil directly impacts the engine, any issues will directly trigger the check engine light.

If your vehicle is showing symptoms such as problems in engine starting and car stalling abruptly in between the rides, engine misfiring and backfiring, then take it as a sign to seek ignition coil repair services – call us.

Car dynamo complications can cause the vehicle to break down and even die. To repair it, bring it to our service center, and our qualified and experienced technicians will fix it for you.

The car dynamo is an important feature of a vehicle as it is what enables it to start. If the car dynamo becomes weak, it will be difficult to start the vehicle and that’s the time for car dynamo repair.

Indicators of a Malfunctioning Car Dynamo:

  • Whooshing and Rattling Sounds
  • Difficulty in starting the engine in harsh weather conditions
  • Car stays idle after starting
  • Exhausted or soak battery

Consider your car’s starter motor to be the training wheels for the engine. It aids in the start-up process. In principle, the starting motor is really basic. It’s basically a little motor that assists in starting your car’s much bigger engine. Despite its small size, it is quite strong and electric.


As the starter cranks, the engine catches up, taking in fuel and air until it’s fully operational. Starters see a lot of action. It is not uncommon for them to breakdown and need repair.

One of the main reasons why your starter motor may not work is because of a bad ignition switch. If you notice issues such as your car key isn’t turning, the car isn’t starting, dashboard lights are flickering, car stalling, or your car accessories are not powering up, it means that your key ignition switch is faulty.

To book our starter motor repair and/or ignition switch repair services in Dubai, or know the starter motor price (depends on vehicle make and model), call us today.