Brake Pads Replacement services

If your car has driven around 40,000 Kilometres, or you hear a squealing sound or feel a vibration on steering while braking. Be assured, it’s time for brake pads replacement.

Brake Pads Replacement

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How do you know?

When you car brake pads are due for replacement?

Are your brake pads squealing or screeching? Are you hearing metallic growling noises? This is your brake pads telling you to replace them immediately.


Brake is the most critical component of a vehicle and can cause serious threats if not maintained at the right time. Every vehicle needs a brake pad diagnostic or replacement periodically. If you live in the UAE and are looking for changing brake pads, we recommend you to give us a try. We deal with trusted manufacturers and maintain 100% original stock for all car brands and models. When you compare brake pads cost, we are not only cheap but also, we provide services at the location of your convenience at no extra cost.

Generally, there are two sets of brake pads in a vehicle. When we do the job, we make sure that both; front brake pads and rear brake pads are examined. Whenever you are in need, just give us a call and our call center team will assign a technician to you who will guide you to the best of their knowledge. Rest assured, our technicians are highly trained and experienced in what they do. They run a manual as well as a machine-based diagnostic (if needed) to evaluate the current state of the brakes and recommend the best possible solution for your car.

Our technicians come in a custom-built vehicle equipped with all the necessary spares and tools to perform the job perfectly. In addition to brake services, you can also avail our onsite oil change, battery diagnostic, tyre change and other car repair services.

We take pride in making the car maintenance easier and economical for you. We come to your place, do the job and leave a pleasant impression so you call us again and recommend us to other car owners.

While regular brake pads inspection and replacement are must, it is also true that conducting an assessment of your vehicle’s tires is also a good idea. Our technicians will do the needful, and if any defects on your tyres are identified, they will inform you and also put in a word for tyre replacement.

We have a comprehensive selection of all the renowned tyre brands – Bridgestone, Continental, and many others. You can also contact us if you are a Dunlop user, or swear by a brand such as Cooper. We have all the options available.

And, rest assured, our tires are sourced from trusted local vendors, and undergo rigorous quality assurance checks before installation. Reach us via phone or WhatsApp on , and book your service request now!