Car Recovery Services

Don’t feel stranded as long as you are within the legal boundaries of the UAE. Our car recovery team will reach you in 30 minutes to get you out of the situation.


Do you need car recovery service or car towing service in UAE? Are you struggling with making the right choice whilst looking at the “car recovery near me” results online?

VFix is here to help.

VFix offers extensive car recovery and car towing services to drivers across the UAE. Our roadside assistance service is the best because we have a tailormade GPS system that helps us reach stranded motorists within 30 to 45 minutes.

VFix aims for a world where car failures, engine breakdowns, tire change or empty fuel tanks are no longer a hindrance to important meetings or family dates. With a dedicated team of expert mechanics, quality equipment and efficient servicemen, VFix promises the best roadside assistance.

You can be in any part of the United Arab Emirates, be it in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or Ajman, we have competent hands to reach out to you with professional and effective car breakdown assistance for car-related matters.

With efficient services, we aim to build a trustworthy establishment for car services in Dubai, to be the first choice of contact in any case of vehicle-related distress. With a wide geographic footprint that extends out to even the off beaten tracks and the desert regions of UAE, we aim to reach out to any person at any time of the day.

We drive a complete customer-oriented service, helping them avail roadside assistance with the best sales and service support .Apart from services for towing and car recovery  Dubai, we also provide roadside assistance for car battery replacement, fuel delivery, radiator repair and all other types of car care services


Breakdown Assistance

Contact us if you are struggling with an abandoned car in the middle of the road, or in parking. Wherever your location may be, and whichever car model you may own, our skilled technicians will bail you out. Our team is also proficient in removing inoperable and abandoned automobiles.

Battery Replacement

A car battery can shut down all of a sudden, and render you and your car helpless. Give us a call or text us on WhatsApp, and tell us your roadside assistance request. We will send our technician – near to your location – and he will come to you, and install a new battery (of your choice).

Jump start car

When your car battery decides to shut shop, your car will be unable to move. Reach out to us on – anytime and anywhere – and we will direct professional help your well. Our car recovery services also include car jump start service.

Towing Service

VFix has a strong network of trusted car recovery specialists and vehicles. We use these resources to help tow vehicles – SUVs, trucks, vans, etc, – that need to be towed to a safe location at the earliest. Our GPS system makes the towing operations run faster.

Lockout Service

Are your vehicle’s keys acting difficult and not letting you inside? VFix provides car lockout solutions to car drivers in Dubai and other Emirates. Our technician will arrive to your given location with a professional locksmith. A quick phone call or text message from you, and will help will be on its way.

Pull-out Service

If your car is caught in the grasp of desert sand, or stuck in your home’s basement, we can help. Contact us, and book your car pull-out service request. We will dispatch professional assistance to your location.

Battery Boost

Nobody likes a half-working car battery. If you discover your car battery is working in spurts, it means you need a battery boost at the earliest. Call us or WhatsApp us right away, and we will rush a technician to your location where he will use his toolkit and bring your battery back to life. Or replace it with a new one (if required).

Out of petrol

Reach out to VFix as soon as you discover your vehicle is out of fuel. Book our fuel delivery service, and we will transport the fuel (in required quantity; two gallons at least) with our technician.

Tire Change

VFix is always there to provide you best roadside assistance more reason to wait hours just because of a flat tire. Simply give us a holler and VFix would have your tires changed in a jiffy!

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Always Ready for Car breakdown Assistance FAQ

Yes, we provide car recovery and car towing services for all types of vehicles – SUVs, Sedans, mini-vans, trucks, etc. when you call or WhatsApp us for roadside assistance, our customer representative will jot down information about your car type, model, and year. Subsequently, professional help will be dispatched to your location.

Car recovery service rates vary based on the distance our recovery vehicle has to travel to recover your vehicle. All price-related information will be communicated to you by our customer service representative. Only after you agree to the price, and confirm your order, we will proceed and dispatch our nearest technician to your location.

There is no specific timeline. Ideally, though, a car recovery task takes anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes. The duration of the exercise depends on your car’s circumstances, whether it is stuck in a ditch, or has broken down in an awry location. Based on this, and the type of equipment required, all these factors determine the duration of a car recovery process.

Yes. We provide car towing service in all parts of the country.