Oil Change & Car Service

We offer minor and major car servicing in Dubai for all brands and models. We use only top grades lubricants, genuine filters, along with comprehensive car health checks.

Save Time, Oil & Money with VFIX

VFIX  brings decade of local expertise in automobile industry and has delivered hassle free experiences to its customers.

Launching VFIX Oil has only one goal, is to make our customers life easy by not having to go to different workshops for every single thing they need for their vehicle. Find everything for your vehicle under one roof. VFIX specializes in many services like car diagnostics, battery replacement, steering & suspension repair, car AC repair , transmission and gearbox repairs and  tyre replacement. 

What does the Engine Oil Change service include?

Top Quality engine oil change + a complimentary 10 point vehicle check which includes:

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Onsite Car Servicing Dubai

Unarguably regular car servicing and maintenance is an absolute need, but no one has the patience to endure the waiting time involved. It’s pretty much everyone’s least favorite activity. At VFIX, we understand the value of your time and money. That’s why we provide onsite car servicing in Dubai.

You can contact us for an engine oil change in Dubai, and we will dispatch a technician right away to your given location. When you sign up for car oil change in Dubai , our technicians perform a set of minor and major services such as inspections of all fluids and lubrication in your vehicle, oil filter quality, belt and hose inspection, tyre pressure check, and air filter check. Also, we examine the working of major components such as the steering and suspension, gearbox and transmission, AC performance, etc.

Besides being professional and punctual, our engine oil change in Dubai is a crowd favorite because its affordable, and our after-service customer support is excellent.

How do you know?

A delayed oil change can damage your engine.

Is your car pressing on more mileage than usual? Is your check-engine light refusing to turn off? If yes, then maybe your vehicle needs an oil change ASAP.We have major and minor car service packages for different car brands and models.

Mobile oil Change & Car Servicing In Dubai FAQ

Top Quality engine oil change + a complimentary 10 point vehicle check which includes:

i.Brake Fluid Level top-up.

ii. Wiper blade Inspection

iii. Windscreen washer fluid top-up

iv. Air Filter Inspection

v. Battery inspection

ix. Tyre Pressure Inspection & Top upx. Parking break inspection

vi. Headlights & Brake inspection

vii. Steering Fluid level top-up

viii. Coolant level top-up

The brand, model and car engine size determine the oil type, amount and cost.

At VFIX oil we only deal in genuine automotive parts at the best possible price.

We always believe in letting our esteemed customers decide what brand they want to choose. With that being said, our experts can always recommend you from a list of brands that we are powered by which include Mobil 1, Kayzol, Motul, Castrol, and Total.

Oil change is very flexible and can be ordered to almost all locations within Dubai, whether you are parked indoors or outdoors

The engine oil change service can be performed in any parking area, as long as:

1. There is 1m space between car & sorrounding objects.

2. The bonnet/hood can be unlocked comfortably.

Our VFIX oil vans are equipped with carrying out oil changes for multiple cars at once. The vans normally carry various oil brands and filters to fulfil any type of car requirement

Please inform us and our technician will visit your location and check the necessary details on your location and you will get a quote accordingly. This service will be Free of cost even if you do not want to proceed with the purchase

One of our most important value propositions is our speed. Engine oil change orders placed even one hour in advance can be executed on time.

To get an accurate price you will need to provide us with your mulkiya/registration card copy. You can simply whats app us the copy of your mulkiya/registration card and our expert advisors will quote you instantly.

The time depends on your vehicle model and the space where the engine oil change is performed. It takes between 25-45 minutes.

They will call and notify once they are at or near your place