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Slower acceleration, weirdly sounding and misfiring engine, unusual fuel consumption are the symptoms your car is begging for spark plug replacement.

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UAE’s Most Trusted Spark Plug Change Service In Dubai

Has it ever occurred to you that your vehicle may not be delivering its best performance on the road because of a faulty set of spark plugs?

As much as we’d like to pin the blame on the car engine, there is high chance that other components also decide to act up. Among them, spark plugs are notorious for going faulty and asking for a replacement on a certain interval.

If your vehicle’s spark plugs are not doing their job right, contact VFix for spark plug replacement service now!

Quality Spark plug Replacement in Dubai FAQ

Spark plugs are a vital cog in the ignition system. They are like thunderbolts which help to supply power to your engine. A spark plug is connected with each of the cylinder in your engine. The electric energy from the car battery passes to the spark plugs where it is used to ignite the air and fuel mixture in the engine. The explosion caused by this forces the piston to move into the cylinder, which turns the crankshaft, then the wheels, which eventually puts your vehicle into motion. Quite smooth, isn’t it?

Spark plugs are tiny parts of your ignition system that determines the runtime and performance of your car engine. They provide the initial power and push that in turn ignites the engine and moves the vehicle forward. Drawing power from the engine, the spark plug gives a jolt that triggers the engine to do its job. The air and fuel inside the car’s engine need the spark plugs’ activity to spark the combustion that makes your car run on the road.

If your car’s spark plugs are inoperative or completely dead, your engine will not be functioning on all the cylinders, and that’s a bad news. The more you drive with a non-functioning pair of spark plugs, the more damage you are causing to your engine. Misfiring sparks generally damage the catalytic convertor, and ultimately disrupt the engine. This may cause much more extensive repair. So be smart, and opt for a spark plug in Dubai immediately!

Spark plug replacement must be considered if you notice the following:

  • Lethargic vehicle acceleration
  • Vehicle taking jerks
  • Flickering of Check Engine Light
  • Rough sound coming from the engine
  • Vehicle consuming more than usual fuel
  • Engine sucking in more air than usual

During a spark plug replacement procedure at our service center at Al Quoz, Dubai, an expert technician will use the precise tools to remove the old spark plugs from the engine delicately, and examine each and every plug to evaluate if there are other severe concerns under the hood. After a thorough inspection, the technician replaces the spark plugs in your vehicle.

With the regular wear & tear and usage of the vehicle, your spark plugs will start deteriorating. In this scenario, reaching out for spark plug replacement service in Dubai is a must.

Also, it is important to replace the spark plugs before it start showing serious symptoms, do not wait for too long. When your spark plugs get old and worn out, they are unable to provide enough current or spark to the engine to turn it on. This eventually leads to a point where the car does not start, and you may be stranded on the road.

Good quality and properly-functioning spark plugs effectively burn the fuel that goes to the engine, but old and worn out spark plugs are unable to do it. This means that your vehicle is going to consume a lot more of gas than normal and will give you very less gas mileage.