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Have difficulty manoeuvring especially at low speeds or oily shock absorbers? Immediately bring your car to VFix for a steering and suspension inspection.

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Get Steering & Suspension Repairs in UAE – 24/7

A bad suspension can thwart your vehicle’s movement on the road, and also affect the steering box in your vehicle. Steer clear of such trouble – call VFix, and let us send assistance right away!

We provide steering box repair and car suspension repair services in Dubai and across the UAE.

It is very important to get your steering and suspension serviced regularly. It helps in the safety of the driver and saves you from major repair costs. It prevents significant repairs. Extended steering and suspension issues may lead to car safety threats in the future. Choose VFix UAE because:
  • We always strive towards providing customers simple and hassle-free repair experience
  • Our technicians convey to customers all details about the problems identified during vehicle diagnosis 
  • We provide 100% genuine products (with warranty) at affordable prices
  • We provide free car pickup and delivery all across Dubai so you can focus on your work, groceries, or a day out with family.

Trusted Steering & Suspension Services in Dubai FAQ

If your vehicle suffering any form of bumpiness, wrong wheel alignment, car drifting to one side (right/left), or stiffness is absent when driving, it is time to call us . Book assistance for steering box repair and car suspension repair services. We have a team of experienced technicians that will visit you at your given location, run a comprehensive diagnostic on the vehicle, and tow it to our service center, Al Quoz, Dubai.

There is a potential that the steering alignment has been compromised. Fast driving, poor maintenance, a collision, or even weather-related stiffness can all cause damage.

Signs your vehicle needs urgent attention include:

  • Moving the steering wheel is troublesome
  • Difficulty in maneuvering the vehicle on uneven roads
  • Steering vibration while braking
  • Tires vibrate or wander

We have a dedicated team of professional technicians that are qualified and have years of experience in providing car suspension and steering box repairing.

To ensure that your steering and shock absorbers are functioning properly, our technician will examine all of your steering and suspension parts. The inspection process includes:

  • Power steering fluid
  • Wear and tear and unevenness of the tires
  • Loose or used power steering belts
  • Steering Wheel Alignment

Tires and Wheel Alignment

Driving a car with even a slight bit of fault in the suspension is extremely dangerous. The suspension works as your vehicle’s adhesion to the road and as resistance to centrifugal forces while turning and braking.

Be on the lookout for the following bad suspension symptoms:


  • Your ride is unusually bumpy and rough
  • When you brake, the car leans towards one side completely 
  • The vehicle gets constant pull or drifts, especially around the turns which is an indicator that your shock absorbers have gone bad

If you notice any trouble with your car’s driving performance, the first thing you should do is check your tire’s pressure and tread wear. Your suspension is designed to work with four correctly-inflated tires, ideally of the same age and tread life.